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Make Readies Start to Finish... 1-Stop Shopping

Rentals / Leased

  • Pre-Inspection Service to minimize Inspection Complications
  • Agent/Homeowner/HH Walk-Through checklist to plan the Make Ready
  • Partial / Full Repainting
  • Fixtures, hardware, and device replacement for updating
  • House, Deck, and pavement washing service
  • HVAC Clean & Check / FULL SVC Repairs as needed
  • Appliance Installation / Repairs
  • Project management for larger projects within the Make Ready
  • Property enhancement – No Flips, Remodels, or Renovations
  • Lien Waivers and Paid Invoices automatically generated!

Prep For SALE

Corroded Water Supply valve caught before Inspection

Electrical Service Meter conduit separation observed by Owner in preparation for listing

The Make Ready Team!

Open Cabinet Back Panel Failed Inspection

  • Deposit repairs (billed seperately)
  • Owner Repairs (billed separately)
  • Partial / Full Repainting
  • City & FD Inspection Compliance
  • Before / After Photographs
  • Clean-Outs
  • Contractor Partnerships for nearly EVERY task