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Corroded Water Supply valve caught before Inspection

  • Pre-Inspection Service to minimize Inspection Complications
  • Agent/Homeowner/HH Walk-Through checklist to plan the Make Ready
  • Partial / Full Repainting
  • Fixtures, hardware, and device replacement for updating
  • House, Deck, and pavement washing service
  • HVAC Clean & Check / FULL SVC Repairs as needed
  • Appliance Installation / Repairs
  • Project management for larger projects within the Make Ready
  • Property enhancement – No Flips, Remodels, or Renovations
  • Lien Waivers and Paid Invoices automatically generated!

Investment Properties

The Make Ready Team!

Open Cabinet Back Panel Failed Inspection

  • Deposit repairs (billed seperately)
  • Owner Repairs (billed separately)
  • Partial / Full Repainting
  • City & FD Inspection Compliance
  • Before / After Photographs
  • Clean-Outs
  • Contractor Partnerships for nearly EVERY task



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Electrical Service Meter conduit separation observed by Owner in preparation for listing