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Sale prep, Inspection Repairs, & Buyer notices.

Home Buyer's Helper

Make your move in easier by having us help you!

  • Hang Artwork, photos, mirrors, collectibles, drapes, televisions, etc.
  • Assemble furniture (new or current), install appliances, & replace household fixtures.
  • Room Painting, workspace transformations, technology installations/adaptations.

                     Home Inspection Repairs

  • We will make repairs in accordance with Residential Building Code
  • We are able to provide repairs requiring licensed technicians
  • Team ingenuity allows us to find solutions to existing issues that may not have cut and dry remedies.

Real Estate


-Clean up your house with our soft wash method or pressure wash the deck and pavement.
-Brighten it up with Interior / Exterior painting.
-Get repairs done before the inspector has his/her time in your home
-Increase curb appeal with some light landscaping alterations
-Perform a Facelift with the Real Estate Make Ready Team!!!